Investing Strategies: Your 1-2 PUNCH for Investing in Today’s Market

The posters were plastered all over New York City…

March 8, 1971. The fight of the century…

Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali

Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali for the world heavyweight championship.

It was a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden.

After 15 rounds, Frazier gave Ali his first official loss by unanimous decision.

The 1-2 punch combo stole the show.

Now, I have to ask … are you ready to go 15 rounds undefeated in this market?

Because if not, I’ve got two investing strategies — the perfect combo — for you to dominate the market.

Punch No. 1

The average investor sees a stock rise and thinks, “Surely, it reached the top.”

That’s just not the case.

In fact, the stock could be ready to surge higher. Much higher.

This is what happened with Sea Limited (NYSE: SE)

After a nice 132% gain, investors probably thought that was it. Time to sell.


Sure enough, over the next few months, the stock went up 200%…

Then 400%…

Then 600%…

And then … it hit an 889% profit.

Sea Limited (NYSE - SE) 889% stock gains.

Now, how could you have known that this stock, which had already doubled, would go on to jump nearly 900%?

Well, you couldn’t. Nobody could.

But, a system could. So that’s what I built.

And 20 years of backtesting showed that trading with this system would have produced a 3,514% gain … turning a $10,000 stake into $351,400.

I launched it almost three months ago. And here’s what my readers have sent me about it:

  • “The best system ever. Perfect. Period.” — James
  • “It’s my favorite new strategy.” — Andy
  • “Absolutely love it. Just doing phenomenally well.” — Bob

Now, I want to share it with you.

Action to Take No. 1: Give me 3 minutes.

I’ll share with you why you need Profit Accelerator in just 3 minutes. If you like what you hear (I know you will), see how you can join me below.

Check it out here:

➡️ Here’s the Profit Accelerator link I mentioned. ⬅️ 

And if you prefer to read the transcript, click here.

Punch No. 2

While the first punch is your offense … a way to accelerate your profits…

Here’s your long-term strategy — your defense in 15 rounds in the ring…

There’s a special class of stock that I’ve researched for years. It had the power to turn $1,000 … into as much as $10,000 — within ten years, five years and sometimes…

In as little as ONE year.

All without any kind of risky leverage or complicated options.

In fact, this special class of stock accounts for roughly 90% of ALL stocks that have gone up by 1,000% or more over the last decade.

But often, the gains can come much faster.

In the last year alone, Soleno Therapeutics (Nasdaq: SLNO) gained more than 2,180%.

Soleno Therapeutics (Nasdaq - SLNO) makes a 2,184% gain.

Anyone who invested just $1,000 into Soleno a year ago would be sitting on more than $22,000 today.

That’s how powerful this class of stock is.

More than 386 of these stocks gained 1,000% or more over the last decade.

And they form the key component in what I call OMEGA stocks…

I’ve seen OMEGA stocks produce incredible, market-beating returns.

But chances are, you’ve never heard about OMEGA stocks before. I’d wager 99.9% of investors haven’t.

You’re not going to read about OMEGA stocks in the pages of The Wall Street Journal

Very few analysts even cover them.

At least, not until long after the biggest gains have been made…

And the Real Talk is that those gains are meant for you.

OMEGA stocks are one investment Main Street Americans can get into before Wall Street.

Action to Take No. 2: Buy OMEGA stocks.

You can watch my Omega Stock Project here or read the official transcript here.

I’ll share with you details about my top three OMEGA stocks today.

These two investing strategies are the perfect complement in today’s market — two arrows for your quiver … the knockout 1-2 punch.


Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi
Founder, Alpha Investor

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