This New AI Trend Could Help You Buy a New Home

Editor’s Note: Today, we’re exploring how AI is shaking up the real estate sector. The company Ian highlights today plays right into this trend, even though it’s not part of any of his portfolios.

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If you’re thinking of buying a home this year, then this new AI trend is exactly for you.

There’s a mini revolution happening for homebuyers and sellers, especially as years of pent-up demand for construction could lead to a massive wave of homebuilding in 2024.

The Federal Reserve is also likely to issue more than one cut to interest rates this year, creating even more potential homebuyers.

And the company we’re highlighting today is taking advantage of this demand — by utilizing AI machine learning to provide a more efficient way for you to find a new home.

This real estate company is a publicly traded subsidiary. (We even name-drop the stock name and ticker for you!)

It has its own proprietary AI platform that includes AI-powered home search, pricing tools, evaluation, local agents, equity tracking, potential cost savings and more — all available to both sides of the home-buying experience.

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🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Market News: What’s going on with the housing market? Pent-up demand, years of “underbuilding” and the possibility of mid-year interest rate cuts should lead to an influx of new construction in 2024. [1:23]
  • Tech Trends: Trends using advanced AI machine learning are shaking up the home-buying experience. This publicly traded company (stock name + ticker dropped!) is aiming to transform the way people buy and sell their homes. [6:31]
  • Crypto Corner: BlackRock created a new fund on blockchain technology. It’s spearheading crypto trends that will be the ones to watch this year: tokenization and decentralized finance (DeFi). [10:29]
  • Investing Opportunity: If you want a more guided approach to crypto investing, join my subscribers in Next Wave Crypto Fortunes. And learn more about the crypto tokens that I believe will beat bitcoin’s (BTC) gains after the fourth halving.
  • MI Mailbag: What’s the best way to store your crypto? And what is the “Cold Wallet”? [14:35]

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